About us

Mission 44 is a new charitable foundation launched by Sir Lewis Hamilton to boost social mobility in the UK. It aims to support, champion and empower young people from underserved communities to succeed through addressing issues of inequality and narrowing opportunity gaps in education, employment and wider society.

Our three strategic priorities are:

  • To build a more inclusive education system: through increasing diversity/representation in education (e.g. increasing Black teachers), alleviating material disadvantages (e.g. digital poverty), and reducing school exclusions.
  • To empower more young people from underserved communities to drive positive social change: supporting young people to take social action (e.g. volunteering, campaigning) and into positions of responsibility (e.g. young trustees, commissioners, etc)
  • To support progression into key sectors and professions: supporting pathways into careers in STEM (incl. the motorsport industry), the creative industries and the green technology sector.

We are committed to driving long-lasting, transformative change to the lives of young people facing disadvantage and discrimination. We want to eliminate the pervasive social, educational and economic inequalities that prevent too many young people from fulfilling their potential. Through grant-funding, research, partnerships and advocacy, we are committed to working closely with young people and communities with lived experience of diversity and inclusion challenges, so that we can better understand the opportunities for innovation and co-create solutions that make a meaningful impact. And we want to build collaboration through strategic and impactful partnerships, using evidence-based research to identify opportunities for innovation.

Mission 44 has its origins in Lewis’ decades-long fight for change, a fight that was further ignited by the events of 2020 and the inequalities that have been brought into stark contrast by the effects of the pandemic. Having had first-hand experience of an education system that worked against him, and now as the only Black, working class person in his field, Lewis understands that addressing educational and employment inequalities is the necessary first step towards making a fair and equal society a reality.


Our values

We have a sense of possibility
We believe in all young people and what we can achieve with and for them.

We focus on impact
We drive transformative change by concentrating on where we can make the greatest difference.

We are curious
We are evidence-led, continuously learning how we can grow collective impact.

We are humble collaborators
We never work alone. We build partnerships and coalitions to make change happen.

We act with integrity
We are honest, transparent and build trust-based relationships.

We are inclusive
We put equity at the heart of everything we do

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